Successfully creating change (agents) in your company, a hero’s story*

Take the call (to adventure)

Meeting the mentor

What is WACKER’s chemistry?

  • The board went on a discovery journey to understand the bigger picture, to get a grasp of what’s out there, what would be interesting to research further and what the (insightful) challenges employees might encounter during their stay in Silicon Valley
  • WACKER has strong design thinking ambassadors in their ranks. Amongst them is their Chief Information Officer, Dirk Ramhorst, and Chief Digital Officer, Axel Schmidt. Both are fervent ambassadors of an agile way of working and design thinking. Both understand fully that, in order to change, you need a different approach. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome was not an option here. They were both ready and willing to create the foundations for change…outside of the building.
  • Instead of selecting and sending a group of WACKER employees to Silicon Valley, Mr. Ramhorst convinced the board of a different and more impactful approach: a challenge was sent out to all WACKER employees (globally), asking them to articulate the reason why he or she, in particular, should be part of that journey. The result came in the form of over 300 videos and emails describing why individuals would be perfect for the challenge. In the end, nineteen motivated people were selected.
  • WACKER understood perfectly (partly informed by their earlier trips) that going to Silicon Valley is more than “watching monkeys in a zoo”. In order for this employee journey to Silicon Valley to be successful for WACKER and its employees, WACKER onboarded BMI as their local strategically. Together, with WACKER, BMI designed a 4-week process tailored to their needs and the end goal they had in mind. This process consisted of a number of sprints, loosely based on Google Sprints mixed with the Design a Better Business double-loop process, supported by coaching sessions, workshops, inspirational meetups and DIY moments.

Crossing the threshold and emerging victoriously

Allies and enemies

Returning home with the elixir



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