Want to make a shift towards the next business model? Appoint a new CEO


The role of a CExpO

  • A strong vision: without a strong vision for the company you can innovate into any direction and not knowing if you are on the right track. Your efforts will not get traction. A compelling vision and story function as a compass and inspiration for those involved.
  • Changing the mindset: make sure that everybody involved in the search for the next business model (from top to bottom) is aware that it takes time and that the short-term currency is not dollars or euro’s, but insights and data. And that it requires a different mindset, skills and tooling.
  • Search KPI’s: make sure that everybody involved has (partly) an adjusted set of KPI’s which are focused on the search and not on short-term revenue or inflow objectives.
  • Structure: get people (physically) out of the building and their execution teams and work in multi-disciplinary teams; to create new perspectives and traction.
  • Tell the story: make sure that the valuable insights and successful new business initiatives are shared internally (and externally) so people see that this new mindset and approach leads to new business.

Hacks: start small and smart

  • Celebrate your greatest fuck-ups
    We have the habit to celebrate our successes. But the downside of that habit is that you try very hard to make every idea or initiative look and feel like a success. Although there’s great value in this habit, it does not stimulate the search mode. If you celebrate your greatest fuck-ups, you trigger people to go on the edge, to fall in love with the problem, to experiment, to fail and to learn from that. And there is the true value. So, stimulate yourself and the people around you to celebrate your greatest fuck-ups!
  • Create a war room
    By making your vision, the different business model options you have and your search for new insights visual, you make it real. It structures your thoughts, creates a lot of energy and tells the story. You create a physical place which shows what you do and the progress you make. Changing the mindset bit by bit.




We are a global business design agency specializing in strategy and innovation.

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Business Models Inc.

Business Models Inc.

We are a global business design agency specializing in strategy and innovation.

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